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Andrew has a contrasting mix of talents which include being a teacher, violinist, composer and coach plus world-wide experience in both personal development & team building.  

What glues these disparate elements together is Andrew's passionate commitment to the subject of improvisation.  

Making it up as we go along, sometimes referred to as improvisation, is something we do more often than we might realise or, in certain circumstances, even want to admit.   Despite what we might logically think ,'just winging it' can sometimes be the better choice.  This is because trying to 'always get things right' can sometimes just get in the way of actually succeeding.    Of course we can't easily dismiss custom & practice, learned techniques, processes, theories etc., etc. but because of the pressure of achieving goals, targets & other performance assessments we can often miss 'the interesting bits in between'.

Andrew's belief, born out by experience, is that there is 'a certain something' to the idea that 'making it up as we go along' can have much merit.  By taking this concept to its limits it becomes possible to conceive of approaches to problem-solving, leadership and even 'steering oneself through life' that have the look and feel of achieving some kind of mastery over chaos.

Of course, to the community of musicians, experiencing improvisation can have a sneaky way of improving our musicianship.



The nature of Andrew's research concerns how the underlying form and process of musical improvisation might have an impact on the way we as individuals could better interact with our work and our community. 

Further to this organisations and groups may learn not only how to be more effective but also to develop greater meaning and creativity. 

Musical improvisation has a virtually unlimited capacity to excite, motivate and create community.  It is Andrew's firm belief that organisations can benefit from not only this improvisational metaphor but also the direct experience of musical improvisation.  In so doing they can learn to re-orientate themselves towards a more creative, happier and ultimately healthier and more profitable state.


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